More about the Emsculpt

I have done the third session with emsculpt now! I am supposed to do all three or four sessions within 2 weeks laps … but I’ve been lazy and haven’t attended all the shoots / seminars for it so frequently so I am not sure that my results will be so evident as someone who have done them all within 2 weeks time. Oh well! But anyhows it was great to try it ! And I think (if it’s not only wishful thinking ) that I lost a few cm on the waistline . So eey!

either it’s working or it’s that combined with everything else I’ve done and I am actually walking on the treadmill for 25 mins every morning as well. Waking fast ! 😂 those of you who know me and have followed this blog (and me) for a while knows that I get mentally ill by the thoughts of GYMS so … this is a big accomplishment for me. Hence why I am the perfect candidate date for emsculpt !

I wrote about it before , but here’s a few facts that I don’t think I stated before . (See other post about emsculpt)

Emsculpt is a electro magnetic technology that operates on frequency and stretches as far as 7cm deep down in the body tissue to get to the deep muscles as well.

It is not the same as EMS training where they use electricity to stimulate the muscles . No, this is level up advanced and new technology.

You don’t need a gel for any pads and there is no sticky ness about it either

The results are long lasting . Emsculpt is perfect for you if you have a little extra fat here and there that you just wanna tone up the body and at the same time build muscles. It’s literally a 2 week 4-6 pack machine . (Not that I am getting there but if I really squeeze my muscles I can see the contour)

It doesn’t hurt and you can easily reach 100% intensity after a session to get the most out of your session.

Literally this is a non – invasive alternative to get rid of some extra fat cells and get inspired to keep going to the gym after you reach your results . You wanna keep that body going right ?

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