The 24 point treatment everyone is talking about right now!

The jungle in aesthetics is huge, So you have heard about profilo? PRP, the vampire facial and the 24 k gold facial. The HIFU, the thread Lift, diamond peel, micro dermabration, dermapen, plasma pen and micro needling. But let’s welcome the 24 point treatment .

The 24 point treatment is a combination of super soft fillers (meaning it won’t stay, it’s just a mild mixture of a good elixir) of hyaluronic acid and vitamins, and it’s injected to the top points of your face to even out fine lines and keep moisture from the inside out. (Don’t worry. You won’t feel much as there is a numbing cream applied to your face first and it’s awesome)

It’s an amazing treatment . And after the injections the remaining serum is put in the derma gun and you get a smooth but deep microdermabrasion all over your face and neck.

The results : effing glowing skin, baby skin, removal of dead skin and new skin is coming up, reducing of scars and fine lines, and overall you feel fresh!

Downtime :2 -7 days depending on your redness and bruising , but ! It’s so worth it.

Price : about 1250 dhs at champs elysees clinic on al manara road – dubai .

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