Long-short, short-long !

I have always had hair extensions. The past couple of years I’ve been going from long to short every other 6-8 months or so. This time I took out all the extensions, was gonna let my hair rest a bit, keep it “all natural” as they say,

that didn’t last long.. I lasted exactly 1 week before I started feeling naked and I was missing the hair. Moderately of course but mostly because of habit and of course since I removed all the extensions my hair is so light I felt like I wasn’t wearing any hair at all. Silly I know, but I decided today that eff that!! If I can wear extensions I will. It’s not about what everyone else thinks, I’m not here to please them anyways and if I like my hair to be long right now it will be long for the time being- and if I wanna make it shorter again- yes, then I will. 😁 peace out

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