Happy easter!

We kicked off easter today! Usually if I was back in Norway I’d be up at the mountain with my family now, spending a week up there in the snow and chilling with all the family. I miss them! I have great memories from my childhood and all our traditions and things we’d do and I hope to implement that In my own traditions one day.

We’d be going cross country skiing, (yep… in any weather … snowstorm, frost bites, rain .. u name it) we were building snowmen and snow horses, having BBQ’s on the open fire and doing loads of board games like , trivial pursuit, yatzi and monopoly. We’d Have super cozy family breakfasts and dinners , eat a lot of traditional Easter candy, my aunt and uncle and cousin were there too and Easter Morning of Easter Day we’d all have Easter eggs under our pillows.

It was somewhat magic! 🤗. What are the best Easter memories you have as a kid ?

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