The absolute opposite of a couch potato

I don’t know about you guys but it’s so incredible fun to see how every dog has their own personality. Raven has her weird clumsy personality with a touch of territorial and loyal traits and she is on top of that also very very smart. I’ve never had any dog that required this much stimulant in her daily routines and she really needs to be entertained all the time. She is amazing. She listens, she learns, she plays, she is like the perfect dog. Don’t get me wrong, all the other dogs in my life have been an absolute pleasure too but they have never been this active or even yet had to think so much on their own. It’s very stimulating for me as well. This dog is literally her own persona. Haha . She is the absolute opposite of a lazy bulldog couch potato🤣

Look at her face!!! 😍


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