At it’s finest

I don’t even know how to explain this… I don’t even think the people who did it can explain it 😂 how were they thinking here …

So the landlord is providing with a chiller for the water to the pool … and the people they sent that came to install it.. well… they put it outside the pump room of the pool… and not in the pump room of the pool… (where it would make more sense for it to be …) and drilled a hole so big in the wall … looks like the hulk was here and slammed a hole in the wall with his fist 😂 I mean … it’s not my house so whatever… but … sometimes I don’t get how the logic goes around here… most of the time actually to be honest.. but this?! Oh well. What to do 😁 yes I am 100% sure that if I was home when they did that, and I could have hold the drill and done it myself I’d make it look much nicer. Just saying.

Like… why? 🤷🏼‍♀️

Also notice that the garden is full of cement and sand that they just left like that 😂 it used to be grass there.

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