The brand New SLS hotel in Dubai

A lot of things are said about the SLS, I’ve lived in Vegas but in those times there was no SLS there as far as I know. Ther have a huge reputation in Miami, LA and other places. I wanted to see what it was all about! All the glitz and glam, can it be compared to anything else in Dubai? As we already literally have two’s of everything and the finest and tallest of everything and more world records of anything in the world here, haha . It’s very competitive. How ever! This is the SLS.

We only went there for a drink and to check out the design and get what all the fuzz was about. To be honest, they haven’t really really opened yet because they were not 100% prepared to welcome guests as of many things were missing from the menu, but hey, it’s like this with most newly opened venues and it takes time to get in to routines. It nobody’s fault . Plus it’s Covid and ramadan on top of that so things are a bit all over the place.

It’s a beautiful hotel. I haven’t seen the rooms yet. And I am yet to discover the pool, however the pool is located on the top of the hotel and is literally hanging outside of the hotel …

I borrowed this pic from SLS own Instagram account . Slsdubai

In the lounge that is located on the 71st floor , they have metallic puffy golden couches to chill in. And a little outdoor area for sundowners as well and the tallest curtains I’ve seen in my life . The pool deck on the 79th floor (I could be wrong but this floor was a bit higher than the lounge)

Prices for drinks were ok, (105 dhs for 2 drinks) the usual Dubai standard, and the views are breathtaking. Definitely worth going there for views!

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