He just threw the puppy across the parking lot like it was nothing

So here’s what happened 2 days ago, I was in the desert, we went quad biking, it was fun. I Really enjoyed that and we took some really cool photos. How ever – once we came back to the farm and parked our bikes in the area where all the other bikes were, I see this tiny puppy amongst all the mechanic parts and other bikes there, I wanted to grab it to see if it was ok, and obviously it was so scared, so that was a mission, the puppy somehow made it to the other side of the garage, and out comes this man that worked there, he held the puppy from its back leg, the puppy was screaming from pain and terror (probably being beaten by the people there) and the man just threw this tiny puppy across the parking lot area like it was trash, we lost our shit, who does that?! It was shocking. We decided that we are not leaving the area without the puppies. Yep.. puppies , it was 2 (supposedly 4 that they told us later but we couldn’t see them, and also an adult dog there with a broken leg) it was awful. The conditions there were really bad and trash was everywhere.

I got on the phone with Zara (superswede)and Sarah from PARA. And K9 friends… and umm al quain rescue… Zara was the only one who could help us, She helped me share and spread the word so we could find the puppies a foster home and today I also got the news that we managed to find them a forever home. We took the puppies to the vet to have them checked out for parvo, fungus and parasites. My vet told me the puppies are not more than 6-8 weeks old and the brown one (we named him Bruno, the white one blanco) was a little dehydrated , the white one had a sore leg but other than that they were fine. No signs of parvo and they were eating ❤️ I don’t understand how someone can be so heartless towards these tiny little creatures.

Yeah so that’s that… the place where we picked up the dog has been reported , not only because of the puppy throwing incident, But they threw stones at the stray cats there , another adult dog with a broken leg was there too and the mother of the puppies was roaming around – yet to be rescued. Dubai municipality has been informed via my vet, and the other rescue organizations are on the look out for the other puppies. ❤️

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