Bu Qtair – seafood restaurant

Probably spelled it wrong but , here’s the breakdown on the infamous Bu Qtair restaurant in the fishing Harbour 2 in Dubai.

You get there, you immediately go to the kitchen and pick your fish or prawns of the day, it’s all fresh, and everything is marinated in this delicious curry/ chili paste, and then deep fried … then you pick your table and wait. Once you get your fish you can also add rice , naan bread and this curry soup to add for extra flavor.. yeah. It was great!

Go there feeling hungry. It’s one of those hinges you have to do whilst visiting Dubai at least once. It’s casual and humble.

The location is old 32B street, fishing harbour 2 – Dubai. And they close at 11:30 pm.

CNN travel even did a big review on this restaurant back in 2017 and states that Bu Qtair proves that big and glitzy is not always beat in Dubai ☺️

Dinner for 2 is about 120 dhs. Including sodas/ water etc.

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