Zen state of mind

I need to pinch myself ! The wait is over. I have finished everything I need to deal with, in terms of closing every tie I have over here, (legal , immigration and all the other stuff!) and I am ready to start a new chapter. Before I do that I’ll take this summer just to myself. And when autumn comes I’ll have to decide if I am staying in Scandinavia or if I am gonna take this amazing job offer I’ve gotten here in the UAE.

Big decisions to make . I’ve been waiting for so long to go home and finally in just a few weeks I’ll be on my way! I can’t wait to see my family and and my friends back home. It’s different when I go over there contra to them coming over here to visit. I am longing for the Scandinavian food, weather, the people and everything else I’ve missed (haven’t been home in almost 3 years!) so this will definitely be a game changer and it will be so good to get home to clear my head and get reset and fresh again. Focused, clear, ZEN!


      1. 🙏Thank you. Everyday is awesome. When i open my eyes I feel so grateful to be alive that it sometimes makes me cry.
        That is my wish for everyone🙏

        Getting home will help you solidify the decision you will make in the Autumn.


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