Sobe Dubai

Ok summer already arrived in Dubai a while ago and it’s getting crazy hot and humid here as we speak! But I am totally ready for the next summer months so whatever is coming my way I’ll gladly handle it with a smile and a glass of rosé wine in my hand. Yep. Cus this summer is my summer holiday too. 🤣 (haven’t been home in almost 3 years!) 😁 first things first. I’ve got to decide what I’m doing in September. Before then, We have checked out some “new” spots in Dubai and here’s the take on that.

The place is called Sobe, and it’s located at the W hotel on Palm Jumeirah! It’s a beautiful huge venue with amazing shisha (didn’t smoke it but it looked super fancy!) and a perfect spot for sundowners with friends or a hot date! Choose your pick! 🤪 it was my first time there and the place is absolutely gorgeous! A tip is to go with someone who is just as obsessed with pics as you are because the place itself is totally breath taking.

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