ok… everyone with minor … or big serious anger management issues (like myself) look here !! I tried the smash room and guess what?! I loved it! Thought it was going to be cheeky, but you know what?! What a great way to burn off some steam and release whatever is pissing you off in the daily life … werther it’s work, home, partner, kids, neighbours or whatever … everyone should try this at least once! I promise you’d wanna WANT to go back for more!

You can smash up pretty much everything! It’s safe, you hear you up, you are wearing protected shields and a full on suit to protect you from glass scatter and other things that might fly back in your face.

You get there , you sign a waiver (in case something happens know you’re not able to sue them for anything… since you’re literally there for your own sake and you know what you’re doing.. ) so .. it should be a given tho but you never know with some people i guess … here and in America people find all sorts of strange reasons to open cases agains eachother .. haha (I say that with a judge Judy sort of lurk on my face😂) anyhows , I’m getting off track.. I think I need to do another post on judge Judy later .. she is by far my spirit woman when it comes to sense and logic and handling weird situations overall 😁😂

Anyhows! The smash room is located in Al Qouz, off umm suqeim road .. sort of hidden but you can’t miss it. Get here , the staff is awesome, friendly and fun, they tell you all the rules and what you can and cannot do and they gear you up properly and they let you pick your weapon…

I chose a sledge hammer … was supposed to go back and choose an axe later but I got so caught up in smashing in the room and breaking glasses that I forgot to collect my second tool for destroying other things .. I loved my sledge hammer. I felt so amazing. I needed to get some shit out.

You smile while you’re doing it because it’s a weird situation , but trust me … when you’re in the action a whole lot of things comes up that you been angry / disappointed at in life and from there on out you just let lose.

I dedicated my slams to a lot of episodes in my past and maaaan it’s definitely something I need in my life!

Dubai is getting hotter by the day, soon the days for outdoor activities are over until autumn again and this is the perfect activity for individuals , groups , team building, just good old smash for fun, housewives that are pissed with their spouses and vice versa, whatever it is.. it’s good! and it also gives you a little exercise! How bout that?!

Make sure you try. At least once! You won’t regret it! I promise !

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