Escape The Room Dubai

The hype of the escape rooms are taking over town and I got to go and check it out! This particular Escape room is located on Al Wasl road – Box Park. Alltho you’re not allowed to take pics or tell anyone about how to solve the riddles etc, they allowed me to take a few pics just for you guys!

I can tell you this, they have a lot of different escape rooms, the escape room is a mind game, it works like this: you enter , the game begins. You have 1 hour to solve the riddles and escape the game. Try not to get distracted.. scared .. or panic.. 😂 the room that I did was called The Nightmare … and well.. if you have an obsession about the supernatural, ghosts, evil spirits and zombies etc… then this is for you. .. and if you don’t and easily freak out… then this is not for you. Pick another themed game . They have loads!

It was fun! And very advanced! I was impressed!

The cost is about 390 dhs for 2 persons depending on if you’ve done it before or if you’re a first timer. You’d need to book your slot in advance. Go there. Have fun.. make sure you go to the bathroom first. 😁 and enjoy! I had a blast.

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