Hello Stockholm

I am so grateful!!The day i waited for finally came, it’s been almost 3 years!!! It’s feels so incredible to be back even if it’s a ton of rain and 9 C, it’s still fresh and I’m loving it!

The flight here was not so good, wasn’t full but of course next to me was a family of 25 all over the plane, with babies who was crawling and crying everywhere … (which also reminds me of why I don’t have kids of my own😂) and husbands and friends who wouldn’t sit down, walking all over the place , switching seats, spilling candy and drinks all over the place and not wearing their masks and they were all over the place … 😂 so I moved my seat waaaay back to get away from all of that chaos.

Not only that, way before this trip, my stress has been high level with all the stuff in the last few months and everything I needed to fix and settle, lawyers, visa issues, work, studies, dogs, and all of that to the smallest thing with my PCR before leaving… imagine I’m calling emirates airlines to double check about the hours validation for my PCR test of going to Sweden. And they tell me it’s 48h , and I do mine on time and I get to the airport and they tell me that “the PCR is expired” 😤 I was fuming and about to lose my shit because after all I’ve been through this far and everything I’ve faced and battled the shit out of. A effing PCR test would be the reason I couldn’t travel? Imagine . Lol to that. Fortunately for me the lady working at the check in helped me and we got it approved and just like that I was on my way. I was nervous all the time. Because when you live in a place where everything is half done all the time and of you want something done properly you have to do it yourself you vent help It but doubt that all the problems are over when they are over. It was hard to believe that I was in the clear and everything is over now. But I am beyond grateful and I have learned my lesson the hard way.

From here on out it’s only a fresh start, new beginnings and a new everything. Starting with some weeks spent in Sweden with friends that became family and when Norway relaxes a little with the Covid situation I’ll head home to my family whenever I can travel to Norway and not spend 10 days in a quarantine hotel. They will announce that on the 31st of may. Can’t wait to see them all again. 😍

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