10K Thank you!

I have never written a x- amount of K gratitude post but guess what, there is a first of everything. But When I started this blog again after several years of a break from my Swedish blog (and my Norwegian blog that I had from day 1) I wasn’t expecting much and I wasn’t starting up again with any terms, conditions or expectations because I was locked to a portal or something like that.

I wanted to do it for myself and write stuff about whatever the eff I wanted to write about, stuff that happens in my life, things I like, things that I get involved with or what interests me and of course products that are affordable and appealing to everyone. To be a some what little guide or reviewing new places that opens here and there and to share my experience . That was my thing. I never set out to think I have a special niche that is my genre of blogging because sometimes I can be all over the place and one post is so different from the other. Thats who I am. Maybe that’s my thing 😂

So The other day when WP (wordpress) announced that I had passed 10K!! I was beyond amazed! I am just like wow! 10k of you have showed interest here and came back and read my blog on a regular! And I am actually a little moved that 10k find my material interesting! Vlogging and YouTube has never been my thing but trust me it’s not out of the question that it might happen in the near future! There is a lot material laying around ready to be edited and put together so… I guess it’s just a matter of time with that. Or when I’m ready. 😌

So I wanna thank you for that and it makes me wanna keep growing and keep moving and being all over the place like I am and sharing things with you all. Thank you! You guys are the best!


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