Swedish Toast Skagen

Since I spoke about not missing out on all the things I need to eat while I’m here. Then it’s only fair to mention this treasure! This is a famous delicious dish called toast skagen. The ”toast” part you get … the “skagen” is the mixture of shrimps. Mayo, mustard, dill, apples, and whitefish roe (löjrom) and a bunch of other things i can’t mention as I’m sure this recipe is different than other recipes. it’s amazing! Paired with some rosé wine in the sun. Omg. You can enjoy that for a while. You won’t forget it and you’ll crave it every time. … or you have a hate relationship to this type of food and you won’t touch it.

Either way, You’ll love it or hate it 😂 best enjoyed for the best experience with good company at the super snobby place Sturehof at Stureplan. 💪🏼

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