Sunshine, dogs and babies

These last few days I’ve been soaking up in the Swedish sun, catching up with old friends that I haven’t seen since I was in Stockholm the last time, eating all the food I’ve missed out on (I’m gonna need to put a break on that real soon) and enjoying each day and just appreciating that I am actually here! It’s a wild thought! This is my summer holiday before reality and every day life starts again. So I’m gonna enjoy every minute of it.

Many things have changed, some of my friends have kids now, which is absurd but it fits them so well to be moms. They do it so well. I’m so proud of them! And It’s not like the kids come with a user manual 😂 but they really are such good moms. I’m good with kids as long as I can give them back after a while 😇

We had the best times, Stockholm really has a lot of parks and places by the water you can tan (if you don’t freeze) and chill, set up a picnic or even take a day on a boat. It’s so beautiful here. and best of all. Almost everyone has a dog… so there is doggies everywhere. You can literally take your dog everywhere. To the supermarket, to the restaurants, parks, beaches, archipelago, on the boats, anywhere in the city and everyone is more or less welcoming the dogs. It’s completely opposite to Dubai when you think about it 😂

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