Strandvägen 1

Completely forgot to tell you guys about this place in the heart of Stockholm! Strandvägen 1, it’s a popular cute restaurant/ lounge located by the water promenade.

You’d have to book in advance, the opening hours in Stockholm and restrictions right now are a bit different than the UAE and the UK. They only allow 4 people for each table and places close at 22:30. That’s 10:30 pm to some of you 😁

They do a great cheese beef burger and amazing mussels. The asparagus starters are amazing to, and the wine selection is huge.. there is nothing like a glass of cold white or rose wine in the sunshine on the terrace there.

The terrace is in the street level so you can enjoy the company and people watch at the same time! Take note that in Sweden you have to be on time for your reservations. Preferably 5 mins early so you can have a drink in the bar before dinner 😂

Strandvägen 1 is also a Perfect place To grab drinks and catch up with friends and colleagues after work. Open Every day .

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