We’re getting there.. but first…

Few things coming up .. medical secretary studies, my final exam at school / health administration is coming up this Thursday- wish me luck! After that I’m almost done. Due to Covid restrictions I haven’t been able to be in Norway for the two courses in laboratory works but I’ll get Back to that after summer. Or during August if possible 💪🏼 and then, in about 2 weeks from now it’s Swedish midsummer and I’m beyond excited about that. There is nothing like the Swedish midsummer. Friends gathering, country side, loads of food. Flowers in your hair, good mood and sunshine (or sometimes a hell of a rainfall.. you never know what weather it will be on midsummer. It could be sunny in the morning and poring down in the afternoon. Exciting right 😂)

Eventually I’m gonna head off to Norway by the end of this month. But Norway has become the most difficult country to get in to (yes even if you’re Norwegian, they don’t give a s**t if you’re royalty from elsewhere or if you are royalty from Norway. Nobody gets special treatment ) due to Covid restrictions and letting people back in. To give you the drop down, there are a few things you need to do before going to Norway besides just booking tickets to go there. And yeah you sort of have to have an Adress there or family. Or work. Tourists are still not welcome … and if you have grandparents, a fiancé, girlfriend/boyfriend, etc you can’t use that as an excuse to got here to visit either.

So first You have to register on an inbound register about 7 days before entering the county … you do that at regjeringen.no

Then you have to specify all the details so they can determine if you’re gonna spend 10, 7 or 3 days in a quarantine hotel (that you have to pay for yourself … in an unknown location and it could be anywhere in the country…🤮)

You have to have a negative PCR before entering Norway (24h before) then you need to do another test on arrival .. probably antigen/antibodies , if (not sure if you have to pay for that) and if that is negative they’ll do another PCR for you … when that is negative they’ll put you in a quarantine hotel then they’ll Decide when they take the next test …

after 3-7 or 10 days (after 10 days you don’t need another PCR ) … to decide when they’ll let you out from the hotel … uuugh. When I say “they” I mean the government…

Anyhow, Fucking hassle and waste of money if you ask me. It should be enough with a negative pcr on arrival. And PCR’s should be free!!

Or if they need 2 PCR’s it should be enough to have a negative PCR and another negative PCR on arrival. Jesus Christ. Speaking of PCR tests . In the UAE a standard PCR test with printed document for traveling cost about 150 dhs , which is about 300 SEK. In Sweden ONE PCR test with print out for traveling cost 1200 SEK. It’s ridiculous.

And that being said . Once I’m done with all of this and finally reunited with my family it will be all forgotten and all worth it. But I do hope they change the PCR pricing before I go. 😂

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