Final exam day! Coffee and cinnamon buns

Woke up early Today, or literally got out early Today, waking up early is every day but the timing for when I leave the house is usually a bit later.

We had a small walk around to wake up and finished off at my favorite bakery in Östermalm. Fabrique stenugnsbageri. They do the Freshest brewed coffee and baked cinnamon buns in the mornings and if you haven’t had a Swedish cinnamon bun yet then this is the place to get it!

My final exam is coming up later today as well. I am ready! I don’t think I can get any more ready than what I am. Been studying so hard. If I fail at this I will be so disappointed 😂 on my last exam I got a B! A B!! So this time it better be a B or an A. I am that ready! Ok 😁 just saying!

Have a nice day y’all! Stockholm is sunny and 23c!! That is bikini weather in Swedish 😂

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