Midsummer Loading

Tomorrow is the big day! We have prepared and helped our friends set up the summer tents and tables. We got he mosquito spirals ready, the plates are good to set the table, the song lyrics are printed, the schnapps and the alcohol is in place! We will celebrate Swedish midsummer tomorrow.

Midsummer is the brightest day of the year (most sun hours in the day!) and after tomorrow the days will just become a bit darker each day 😂

According to tradition it’s said that a girl who picks seven different types of flowers from seven different fields, and puts it under her pillow when she sleeps on midsummer evening. Will dream about the man she will marry 🥰 it’s a cute tradition! And best of all… is the flowers in your hair, the food, the songs, the drinks, the people, the social gathering, the countryside and never knowing what the weather will bring. It might rain.. It might be sunny, we don’t know/ either way we’re wearing white summer gowns and carrying flowers in our hair all day and night long 😍

Can you tell I love it?! Happy midsummer everyone!

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