Swedish Midsummer Recap

Midsummer 2021

There it is! It was a booming weekend filled with friends, good mood and food! Couldn’t have asked for a better midsummer with these people! It started with a fabulous breakfast at home with my friend Daniel, then we got ready and we also made the midsummer flower sets for the head (not sure what they are called in English 😜) and we headed out to the country side of Stockholm to see our friends and gather there. It was so chill, meeting a few new people, kids and dogs, and everyone was so nice! We ate a lot for lunch and we drank a lot of wine , it was just perfect!

Oh and yeah … today I have about 76 mosquito bites all over my body 🤣 let’s not forget about the Nordic mosquitos during summer. Because I totally forgot about them and I was eaten alive 😅

This is only 4 of the suckers… I’m full of them on my thighs, legs, arms, back, belly, neck, head, hands 🥸

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