Dreamy Days

The Grass reached up to my bellybutton!

I am really starting to land mentally and enjoying every second of being up here with My family. The first day was unreal! it didn’t feel real. I had to pinch myself that I’m actually up here with my family. I’ve been waiting so long ❤️ the day after I sort of landed a little but it’s still a little surreal. The weather is crispy and amazing! Today was 19 degrees (Celsius) I’m probably the only person in my home town still wearing a jacket. I still freezetill I get goosebumps and it’s July 😂

The people from my home town are very eager and quick to put the shorts on as soon as the sun peaks out , and i can’t really blame them. The reason is that we probably have about 8 months of winter here and the rest of the year it’s a lot of rain and wind. (It’s still snow in the mountains!) So the few days of summer they get, they really truly enjoy them. Meanwhile I am just happy to be here and I enjoy all days and the weather in whatever form it comes in.

I went for a walk with my mom the other day, we walked to our old old house where I grew up,

This is the house I grew up in. We moved from here when I was about 12.

And I saw the old tree house that me and my dad and the neighbor’s kids started building when I was about 5 years old. (What’s left of it)

And we picked classic Norwegian wild summer flowers too… I swear it’s the little things like this that made tradition when you were a kid and you bring it back now. You appreciate everything so much more as an adult. As a kid you don’t know how much these things really matter. All these little things I appreciate them so much now. Memories!

We have wild berries everywhere too, wild strawberries, raspberries (tons!!) blueberries, multe berry (translates to many berries but I wrote the Norwegian name for it so you don’t get confused) we have rhubarb, and some huuuge red currant trees where my great grandmother used to live. And during Fall we have a massive growth all over the forest with wild chantarels (kantareller) mushrooms and brown mushrooms. I mean. I grew up in this forest. How lucky was I! I mean—- literally There are kids in the USA thinking that berries are made in the supermarket and it’s a product that is made and not coming from nature 😂 (almost tho…I’m joking.. ) we didn’t have iPads and computers or cellphones when I was growing up so we were forced to become creative and actually come up with things to do outside. I am so grateful for that today😂

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