I ran and I ran, just like Forrest Gump

What a race! What a day! I never thought i was gonna make it all the way to northern Norway in one go with just the insane short limited time I had at the airport and not to mention all the running and stress and hassle I went through, but guess what?! I made it!

It was so bizarre! If I haven’t been running, and If I was one minute later to to get to the flight I wouldn’t have made it. I had 45 minutes from when my flight from Sweden arrived in Oslo to run off the airplane, get through police check point to show them all my other documents (arrival registration- quarantine Adress if any- proof of past covid – negative antigen test from this morning- …. and to cut in liiiine before all the other nice people who was already there who didn’t have a connecting flight who was kind enough to let me cut in line 🙏🏼 , then rush to pick up my luggage, do a PCR test on arrival, then WAIT for 20 minutes until they could clear me for Covid… ruuuun fast as fuck to the other terminal and re-check in my luggage at the wideroe desk… and then run through security check again and then ruuun to the terminal and find my gate.

I’m telling you… when the nurse staff for the PCR told me i had to wait for 20 minutes for my PCR results I nearly had a mental breakdown and almost cried because I was so stressed and in that moment I was sure that there was no way in hell I was gonna make the flight anyway. So I felt I rushed for nothing. But then they called my name and i was free to go. And I ran.. just like Forrest Gump!

I was soooo sweaty when I arrived on the airplane… And a little emotional because I was so extremely stressed and didn’t think I was gonna make it… but it did. And that’s all that matters… well all that matters is that eventually I would have gotten home. But hey! I made it in 45 mins.. I think that’s a world record. 😂 I was so lucky. I am so grateful that I made this flight and I’m going to see my whole family in just a few moments💃🏼

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