First day at work

This is another milestone! I didn’t think I was gonna be able to work while I was up here but turns out that they need a lot of help during summer and lucky for me that I just finished school and I can work with things related to that!

I’m very excited to be here and I can’t wait to see how this turns out. And the fact that there is no pressure and I can take on as much work I feel comfortable with taking on while I’m up here with family is great in so many ways. I can delegate my my time like this. I can work extra those days I feel like it and avoid having long days at home that could become boring in the long run. (Don’t get me wrong, life is beautiful up here but you don’t wanna be stuck in front of the tv all day so I concluded that I might as well make myself useful and get paid for it 🥰)

I feel so lucky that I am able to be here. Close to my family and also take advantage of my studies that I recently completed. Things are good and I am grateful for that and I absolutely love being home.

We have had a heat wave that at some parts in the north hit 35c (Celsius) and that is really hot for the Nordic countries. Some of us up here aren’t that used to this type of heat and a lot of people don’t have AC in their houses. It’s a global warming warning for sure. It’s very rare that the temperatures hit that high. Also lucky us that we have a beautiful town surrounded by water of all sorts and mountains so if needed you can always go take a dip. (But that’s for another post for another time)

My first day at work was yesterday and altho I’m not allowed to talk about my work much, I can say that it’s been super nice and the people I work with are nice and there are new challenges every day.

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