Galleria (art week)

We might have a small town up here but the summer has hit and even if it’s a pandemic going on, the art week festival (galleria) started and we went to check it out.

What happens is that 100’s of artists (painters, sculptures, producers , song writers, actors, innovative people, glass blowers, and creative people of all kinds from around here, gets together and showcase their art and products for the entire week and sell their art and history throughout this week.

Tourists and local people from here participated the street opens up ,garages are built into bars/ pubs , concerts are being held, big names of entertainment in the Norwegian or Scandinavian entertainment industry is being flown in. People gather (with restrictions of course) and we enjoy this week of culture and fun together.

My mom ended up getting two really nice artworks with her from this years art week. the woman’s sculpture , hand made with clay and burned in over a thousand degrees and colored from smoke and material from the ocean. And then the glass flowers to the left. Hand made by another glass – artist.

You can really find a lot of nice things .. and you can find a lot of crap too.. I saw a lot of “paintings” that were labeled as art and it looked like my friends 3 year old painted those and they were labeled at 9k NOK price tag… I can do better…

So next year… I think I might do my own gallery here and sell some art of my own… I used to draw and paint a lot when I was younger.. . If anyone can do it … I can do it too. 😂 but seriously I am being dead serious . 💪🏼 I’ll need to investigate where to sign up and all those details but heck yeah.. why not. Obviously I’m not gonna show you guys the photos I took of the art that I didn’t like because that would be really disrespectful towards those people who made that. And we’re not gonna make it personal or nasty. We are all different with different taste. And thank his for that.

Imagine how boring it would be if we were all the same ❤️

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