It feels like Heartland

Unless you’ve seen Heartland on Netflix… or live in northern Norway (or Sweden or Finland..) in the countryside … or .. Canada .. you wouldn’t know this feeling. 😂 ok that might not be true but you get the picture.

It’s so idyllic here, small farms everywhere, just the other day we went to get eggs from the other farm across from where we live … and the day before that we drove to see the free range pigs that is living their best life in the forest here…

and horses.. and more horses .. and only just today I saw sheep on the roadside too.. I mean.. who wouldn’t want this permanently in their life ?! I am so grateful that I came from here! As a kid you don’t appreciate these things as much, and when you live abroad and literally in the desert… it’s such a contrast.. I didn’t realize how much I’ve missed it!

It’s so relaxing to be up here. It’s healing for the soul. It’s balsam , it’s conditioning my brain so much and it gives so much peace and inner harmony.

The green Forrest, the grass, the mountains. The fjords and the lakes. The streams … the rain.. the sun.. the bugs.. like the mosquito bites.. the wild berries we can pick.. the mushroom that grows, the fresh fish you can get every day.. the friendly people. The town.. I don’t know.. it’s just something about this place that gets you centered and relaxed.. and focused.. and you really get clarity and answers you didn’t even know you needed. ❤️

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