Shop Local

Many places or cities / villages such as ours and the nearby places support local produced “everything” and I think it’s really important that we explore and experience and even support the local markets everywhere.

Today we went to the town next to our town (sandnessjøen) and they have many things that are signature to their own, but this special salt that I found is actually local produced from another place a bit further up north from here, I totally love it!

It makes such a nice gift for your friends or it can make itself really nicely in your kitchen! A really good salt from where you visited is never a bad idea!

This specific salt is harvested from the worlds strongest stream. Saltstraumen in northern Norway. And actually , it’s not far away from the famous black ice up there too… (the black ice in Norway is thousands of years old and it never melts ) it’s really fascinating but that is for another blog post 😁 wishing you all a good weekend ❤️

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