Some crazy shiiit

Some crazy shit went Down, and it’s been so effing stressful because the whole point of having the foster family for my dog Raven in the first place while I was away was so that it wouldn’t be stressful. I am in between where I am not sure if I’ll be staying in Norway for the future , or Sweden, or if I’ll continue life in Dubai but with another job that is on the table.

Everything is so uncertain at the moment. But what I did know prior to leaving was that my dog Raven had to stay with a family that had the capacity to look after her while I was gone for summer … and everything seemed to be going just fine with them. They were energetic, loving and caring. Seemed like the perfect family. They really did. . I just arrived in Norway a few weeks back , and it was perfect. But then…

One day I receive not one but 3 concerning messages from 3 different people on different days. Asking me how my dog was doing. And they sent me a screenshot of an advertisement that was made with pics of my in it. Imagine the worry and shock I am experiencing when this is happening and it’s happening in Dubai – behind my back- and I am on the other side of the globe and I am not able to be there physically. I swear if it was one day where I got to lose my shit, it was this day.

The people were telling me that there is an advertisement out on “dogs for free adoption in dubai” with descriptions of my dog and it’s made by the foster family I picked for Raven. Shocked!

Moving on… All this time they were literally not communicating with me what so ever , I had no idea that they felt that it wasn’t workin out and all this time I thought that my dog was safe with people who cared and loved spending time with her as much as I did … instead they put her advertisement out and they are telling people that I abandoned the dog and that she is up for adoption because they can’t keep her anymore. I am beyond shocked . When I confronted them about this they said that they never said such a thing… but I had the screenshots ..

At the same time and prior to this … Not one message has been sent to me to tell me that it’s not working out, not one message to raise a concern or to discuss moving my dog somewhere else .. instead I find out via 3rd parties in an official advertisement that MY dog is out for adoption. I freaked out.

But it gets worse . When I ask them what is going on they say that they never did that, they said that they never said that she was for adoption, and they never made that advertisement and that someone else made the advertisement on their behalf and that it’s all a big misunderstanding …and that they didn’t know when I was coming back to Dubai and that they were only trying to help me find her a permanent family… (whaaaat??!)

but here is the thing … even if this is the story … and you’re coming from a good place … when you are fostering someone else’s dog.. that this person(Me) has left in your care because i saw you fit to care for this dog… you don’t go make an advertisement behind the owners back and not communicate with her.

If the case was like they said , they didn’t know when I was coming back… altho it has always been September … it takes 1 minute to send me a WhatsApp /sms/ email… and ask me a question about that … it takes a second of the day to just communicate and ask “hey , ”this is not working out, when are you coming back” and talk to me.. I am so disappointed .

And then it doesn’t stop there. After we discussed this and they took the advertisement down.. they said it’s not a problem and that they can keep the dog until September. No problem. I am thinking ok what a relieve. I hope that works.

No no… a few days later I get a message where they say that are going on holiday in the 30th of July and the dog sitter cancelled on them 4 times and if I could help them get a dog sitter .. no problem. I am helping them with this .. then. 2 days later after this message , they change their mind and sends me a message that they are now going on holiday on the 20th of July instead of the 30th. And if I can find another place for the dog.

Meanwhile I am in Norway and I am not able to be in Dubai to get the dog myself and I did my best to get someone else to take the dog and look after her until I come. Or at least for a while and alternatively I can bring the dog to Norway to be with family here.

End of the story is just that misunderstanding or not?! You have to communicate with people if there is a problem and you sure don’t put someone’s dog up for adoption without consulting with them first. I have no words!

Ps: my dog is now temporarily with someone I know that lives in Dubai who has other dogs and is gonna stay with them until she can fly to Norway.

She seems happy. But I was hoping we didn’t have to move her around so much. Poor thing. I feel really bad as a dog parent and I feel that I made a bad choice in the family I picked for her foster home while I was away. 🥺 but I know she is ok now and she is playing with her other doggie friends on the palm.

Disclaimer : I am not shaming this family, I am grateful that they have been ravens foster family . But I am shocked for the lack of communication and the way things were done. Nothing is left on a bad note. But I was genuinely worried about the dog for awhile.

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