Reflecting the sense of belonging

If you’re like me and you struggle to belong somewhere right now , keep reading… As I’ve been up here I’ve realized that I have some serious choices I need to make. And this feeling of belonging has been a bit terrifying and confusing at the same time because I’m at a point in my life where I need to make a decision towards where I wanna be and I have so many choices. My emotions are all over the place.

Don’t rush! Bathe your soul in care and well-being! I think it’s so good for my soul to spend this time up here and have some real quality time with the family. It’s been really good to be able to work at the same time while I am up here (otherwise the days could become really long ) but all in all I love my family so much and it’s just good to be around them again after all this time.

Personal thoughts: it’s scary to think that I’ve been away from my home town for almost 18 years now , and what has been my life the past 11 /12 years is all of a sudden not so certain anymore. We grow, and I think I outgrow myself too. I have other interests now, I want stability and security. I want a safety net, work that pays on time, And I don’t want visa bullshit issues and a government that can screw me over anytime they feel like it … (literally!)

Reflecting: at the same time there are a lot of things I miss, and a lot of things with the Nordic countries that drives me crazy too. So my sense of belonging feels a little out of reach right now because I don’t know where I really wanna be at, I know what I want, it’s just uncertain if I can get what I want in the places I wanna be at, and I base almost everything on work right now, well, work and love. And building a future. it’s important to me that I have security, stability and my freedom to be happy too. It sounds pretty easy right ?!

Facts: Not sure I am ready to give up on Dubai just yet. I base that on work, and obviously I am done with working in nightlife, entertaining and events, been done with that a long time ago.

If they offered me something else within business development or television an such, I am down, but I am also very tempted to have a secure and safe life in Sweden, that is also based on work and my education of course. As an expat in Dubai I feel like you have no rights (almost) so back home, I feel that things are more secure. But for healthcare I absolutely love this line of work. It’s completely opposite to what I’ve done in life and I find so much purpose in that. I love going to work even if It’s 6am in the morning. The days just fly by. My other option here is , if I get offered an extension on my contract here and I can stay for 6 months and just work my ass off,.. do I wanna do it ? That means I’d have to hire an apartment here, I get to be closer to my family anytime, and I can work as much as I can and just stack up… so .. at the moment I have no sense of belonging in terms of life and work 😂

My advice: even if you feel lost sometimes like I do, it’s completely normal to have ups and downs and get confused. My advice is to just take it day by day, the answers will come to you and your mind will get clear. Remember that you do it for YOURSELF. Talk to someone close to you.. weigh it out.. and know that everything really happens for a reason and you can handle everything that gets thrown your way! Trust me on that. This is a rollercoaster I am in and I don’t even know how it’s gonna end yet, but I know that whatever happens it’s gonna be the choice that I want and what I set my mind to.

You gonna be ok! Wishing you a super Friday ❤️ don’t stress so much. (Signing off and taking my own advice)

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