Backyard salad is the new cool

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but more and more people (at least in Europe) has fallen in the “do it yourself- harvest your own- brew your own beer- re use and re make” everything trend lately . and it’s awesome!

Up until I got home I had no idea that my mom fell in that trend too and she does it so well, she has planted salad seeds of all kinds, and our neighbors too, (a lot of strawberry land as well ) so all we been doing these last few days is picking veggies and strawberries.

I think they have so much veggies now that they can’t cope with it all because we keep picking it and it keeps popping up new fresh veggies all the time. Can’t eat them fast enough 😂 but they are yummy.

I see more and more people even in the city getting their own miniature greenhouse and plantations.. it’s like a thinly now. Have you seen it? It’s super trendy. Not sure if I’ll ever have the dedication to care for my salad as much as my mom does but if I did I’d be as proud every day as I was while I picked these 😂

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