Sometimes it’s the smallest decision that can change your life forever

It’s been a hectic week, I’m glad the weekend is here to say it mildly! I was so exhausted when I finished work yesterday, and I have one day off before I start another week +++ and my last week up here before I head to Stockholm. It’s been so fun and I’ve learned a lot. I really think more people need to enroll in healthcare and help out. If A small town like mine is understaffed!!! Imagine the bigger cities. It’s been so hectic and that is me putting it mildly. I absolutely love this field and I always look forward to going to work. Can you imagine that I prefer the 07:00 am shift more than the evening shift ?! And that is saying a lot because I like to sleep in / to be well rested/ stress free 😂

I totally won’t put the idea of moving back to Norway and back up here completely away, things are secure here, stabile, centered, safe, and relaxed. It’s been so soothing for the soul to be here. Everything is done by the book, nobody sneaks away with your salary or hides and brings up excuses to why they won’t pay you, things are serious.

And I can play with the idea and dream away to an idea of moving back home again if I get to do this line of work and getting this stability, (obviously) i would totally consider it in the near future. You never know what life throws at you so sometimes you just got to follow the path that lands on your feet. Right?! Everything happens for a reason, I am convinced of this.

But first I’ll finish up here for summer, I’ll go to Stockholm in a few weeks , after that I’ll have to go to Oslo for a final course so they can educate me properly on how to take blood samples and I can finally collect my medical degree after I finish that (I finished school already and mind me saying, I got a freakin A!!! On my final exam?! Me!!! I never got an A on anything in my life at school because when I went to school I weren’t even motivated and I didn’t care that much. This is different. I’m so proud of myself. I mean. Look at me now! I finished this degree. I am scared of needles and now this is what I do?! I mean.. the irony😂 and I am good at it too.

When I’m done in Oslo I’ll go back to Stockholm and then I have about a 2-week span before I have to go back to Dubai and sort things out there with what I’ll do next.

So I’m literally at the end of the road I’ve been on and some big decisions needs to be made and it’s all based on work to where I go from here… and I am so torn, yet I find it so exciting, I don’t know where I’ll be at yet, I just know I need to decide when the time is right. And that is ok , exciting times ahead, I just don’t know if I’ll be living in Dubai, or in Sweden. – or Norway for that matter , it’s a big step 😁 wishing you all a happy weekend ❤️

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