Birthday Girl

I’ve been working almost every day since I arrived in Norway, and then I was so lucky to get this summer job at the hospital here so everything has been going so fast forward I haven’t had the time to update you all on everything that’s been going on even.🙈

But it was my birthday on August 9 and it’s been maybe 18 years since the last time that I celebrated with my family in my hometown.

You know that kind of celebration where the family comes over and I mean aunts and uncles and cousins, and they’re bringing presents and there is cake and coffee served😄 that kind ❤️😭 well I had myself a little bday wine in advance before they all arrived just to Wind down myself after a long day at work, it was needed.

I love my family we have our own traditions and our own way of doing things we are a little bit crazy and we are always there and we always pull up. I’ve got so much love in my heart for each and everyone of them. So cheers toooo making my birthday special again, and for being able to celebrate it once again in my hometown with all you guys! Meant the world to me❤️

However, you know me, I am sure that I will catch up and celebrate properly with my friends back in Stockholm and Dubai when I see them. After all I am a Leo and that’s what comes natural to me 😂💃🏼 jokes aside! Thank you all for all the lovely birthday wishes on all my social channels.

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