Dentist office calling

One of the first things I did whilst getting back to Dubai was going to see my Dentist Dr.Marco. (Swiss dental clinic at Crown plaza ) He has been my dentist here for the last 11 years and wow! He yelled at me so hard 🙈 I had a cavity where I suspected that I had one before .. the back of my mouth! he was like “if you waited another week it would have gone down to your nerve” !!! then he was asking me about my diet and what I eat and drink, I don’t usually eat or drink a lot of things that contains a lot of sugar, unless it’s junk .. happens once I a while .. but guess what my problem is ?? My problem is that WHEN !! I drink something with a low PH value (something with citrus, Diet Coke, etc) I push it beyond my teeth (mostly in a straw) and that ruins my Enamel … wow. I was mind blown. Never had a cavity in my life and he tells me that the reason is this… I’m drinking vodka sodas with lime juice with a straw when I’m out and about … omg…

So here’s to facing things as an adult and living your best life 😂 I floss, I brush my teeth, I use mouthwash, I do all these things! But guys , friendly reminder, don’t skip your yearly checkup.. for real.. it will cost you an arm and a leg if you do #justsaying

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