My kick ass salmon with celery

Okay so it’s Been a while since I posted anything you can cook, so here’s the deal on my baked salmon with celery and carrots.

Actually when you put celery in the oven the taste of them becomes very intense and sort of reminds you a little bit of pickles but much goes really really well with the fish. (Trust me!!) 😁

you could also add potatoes but I figured that we’re trying to stay away from potatoes nowadays, so this recipe works just fine with or without them.

You start by chopping the celery and the carrots into small slices, then you take a Deep pan that can be in the oven, and put some olive oil with some salt and pepper and add the veggies there, this is also where you add the potatoes if you choose to have that but if not you just make a salad on the side for later. Put the oven on 200°C , add some water (to avoid burning ) or add some cooking cream and some spices with that to make a creamy sauce to go… and leave them there for about 35 minutes. Preferably I choose to make the sauce on the side because we like a lot of sauce and I feel like when you keep the sauce in the oven it becomes very concentrated but that’s a up to each and everyone what they like.

When it’s been about 30 to 35 minutes you can add the salmon fillets with or without skin, and you keep them back in the oven for another 25 to 30 minutes all depending on how you like your fish cooked. And voila! The dinner dinner is ready.

I love making dinner in the oven because it cooks itself and you have time to do other things, it’s super easy and saves you time plus you don’t have to clean that many things for when you’re done cooking 😁 it’s a win-win! Serve with a nice salad or rice on the side of you don’t like potatoes.

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