A quick look at what to do in Dubai and my fave hot spots

My friend has been visiting for a while and she went back to Sweden just a few days ago. It’s always the best time when she comes here as we always explore new (and old) places to try out.

Twiggy’s piña colada’s is a must when at twiggy!

Everyone needs a friend that you don’t have to see or talk to every day but when you do, it’s like you pick up just where you left. I’m gonna miss her but I know she might be back soon ☺️

Amazonico Dubai is also one of the places right now that is booming every day of the week. You need to book about 3-4 days in advance (yes!!) but it’s so worth it!
Don’t forget about Iris! It’s so easy to forget that iris is here because it’s seems / seems like it’s so far away but it’s not. It’s at meydan! Don’t forget to order the baked cheese starter and don’t forget to take the selfie’s in the girls room. The toilets are amazing!

If you wanna have a chill relaxed day with no alcohol and just focus on your tan and reading a book and have a swim in the turquoise waters then Kite beach is an amazing alternative. They also have so many food vans and outlets there for all sorts of food, coffee and ice cream, it’s one of my favorite beaches in Dubai.

Another amazing thing to do whilst visiting Dubai is to rent a yacht for a few hours and gather all your friends and have a day at sea with good company. There are so many companies here that do yacht rental by the hour for really good rates. (Especially if it’s off season) It’s a day well spent ❤️

So basically we’ve had a great time and done a lot of things, we have also spent a lot of time in the backyard having chilled nights in at home with wine and girl talk whilst listening To happy music and eating home cooked food. Loads of home cooked food!

Let’s also not forget Zuma. Zuma is always home. That’s the head quarters of our entire group 😂

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