Obsessed with these ”feather” decoration things

So i’ve been hanging out at twiggy quite a lot lately, and their bathroom for the beach guests is stunning. My friend has been visiting from Sweden and it’s been so nice!

Also I discovered these feather looking like -decoration things. It probably a special growth from the field that is dyed. But anyways. Let’s just cut to the case, they make the room feel so luxurious and stylish.

I ended up going to Dragonmart in Dubai to look for them and guess what… they are sold everywhere! How amazing is that. I also looked up the prices for one strand at the more luxurious furniture shops such as marina furniture and the one , and at marina furniture one strand of feather thing is 65 dhs!!! In dragonmart I paid 15 dhs for one! I mean! Same thing. Same distributor. Just different outlet. 😁 shop smart! Girl on budget here!

Anyways- note to self … before going to dragonmart make sure you butter up with a lot of patience and ear plugs… you’re gonna want to ignore all the people coming at you offering you to buy “watches-shoes-handbags” but once you set your mind to what you came there for … keep your eye on the price and go for it. It’s a huuuge market in there and it’s easy to get lost 😂

My monster huge feather thingys (please leave a comment and tell me what they are actually called if anyone knows 😁)

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