Halloween 2021

It’s not a secret that I love Halloween. It’s been a few years that I didn’t celebrate Halloween. Basically not because I didn’t want to but because the people stuck here with me are the people who take themselves so highly and serious (a few 😂) and can’t even be bothered to dress up, and it’s no fun with them around those circumstances, and hey I wasn’t gonna rock up by myself 😂 but this year! This year I went all in and maaaan I’ve missed it!

Who ever think they are too cool for Halloween are dull and boring! You need to let loose sometime. Have fun. Connect with your inner child … (or hoe..😂) Can’t be serious and scared about image all the time. Those days have passed!

If I ever have kids one day you’ll be damned that I’ll be the mom who’d go all in for Halloween and take my kids trick or treating too 😂 and when they are all grown teenagers I’ll be the embarrassing mom who still goes all in. Full package 🎃

Take a look at the last few years outfits that I’ve had. (This ain’t even all of them) Which one is your favorite?

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