Lena’s fab At fifty party

It was a nice, cute and intimate lite venue She chose for her birthday and it was by far the right one. Q’s bar at Palazzo Versace by Quincy Jones, had the right ambience, mood, live entertainment, and a DJ who played all of Lena’s favorite songs all night long.

The day after I woke up with a classic raspy voice (because we were singing all night long!!) and we continued to Twiggy for part 2 of her celebrations!

I am still tired from this weekend (plus we have Diwali going on at the same time and fireworks going off every night… I’ll write more about that later😂) and I will rest up until next weekend because then we have our other girl turning a another year and I swear these women are racing me. I don’t have the same energy I used to have and I can’t keep up anymore 😂 but I’m gonna get my energy back and I’ll be back at it soon ☺️

I think the birthday girl had a great night (and day) and had all of her best and closest friends with her for the weekend. It was truly a night (and day) to remember!

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