what happened to this year?! It just flew by so fast!

Finally my visa renewal is done and I just did my medical fitness screening yesterday and In a Few days my new visa will be stamped in my passport and I’ll be out of here in a swift and I am so excited about going home for Xmas! Can you imagine that it’s almost Christmas again?! What happened to this year?! It just flew by so fast! It feels like it was just Christmas a few months ago. 😂 or is this just me?

Even started my day today with a mani/pedi that was very much needed and I cleaned the whole house, done 3 machines with laundry, changed the bed sheets, had my zoom meetings with Sweden and got some work off the table. I even finished one Christmas movie on Netflix, organized my wardrobe and I threw out a bunch of stuff I don’t use and dropped that at the container for clothes donations.

Was a productive day if u Ask me 😁

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