Thread lifting with Dermaqual

This week was a hectic week in all it’s shape and form. But i managed to put in some time for Dermaqual as well and I don’t regret it even a little bit.

The famous threads are taking over the aesthetic market and I’m not sure if you’ve heard about the amazing thread lifts and what you can accomplish for your skin with using them, but It’s a revolution!

A non invasive treatment and a very good alternative to surgery if you don’t wanna go under the knife.

Different types of threads for different purposes.

Now is the time, and here is a tell-all on my experience with the threads.

The session itself is pain free, you do get local anesthesia and you don’t fell a thing. A slight pressure in the area where the doctor is inserting the threads but it’s only for a few seconds and it’s over. The results are lasting anything between 9 months to 18 /24 months depending on your age, metabolism and skin elasticity.

You can expect some swelling and slight bruising the next day, (alltho bruising with threads are minimal and it hardly occurs) but not to worry as this will calm down on it’s own and the results will be complete within a few weeks.

Nano threads, mono threads and the tornado threads, just to mention a few of the above,

So what areas can you treat with threads?

You have several different types of threads for different areas of the body. And you can treat loose skin/saggy skin on any area of the body, face wrinkles, floppy arms, thighs, double chin, mini face lifting, eyebrow lift/ fox eyes and so on. You can even use threads for a cosmetic non-invasive nose job to help lift the nose more upwards if that is desired.

This technology is here to stay and it’s a quick “over lunch time appointment” with zero Downtime and minimal bruising so you can easily get back to work after the treatment is done.

My personal experience:

The next day I was a little sore but nothing that a paracetamol or ibuprofen couldn’t fix and I had zero to none discomfort during the whole procedure. Overall I am super happy with the results and I would definitely reccomend this as a good alternative solution instead of surgery.

I’ll always recommend that you make sure that your practitioner is certified to work with threads as it requires skills and they need to be licensed throughout all the threads courses. There is always a risk with any procedure and the risk with threads (altho it’s zero to none, there is a possibility that you could suffer from nerve damage) but this rarely happens and if you get the threads done by a licensed professional you would be fine. However I am obliged to also tell you about the risks as it is with any procedure.

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