Christmas ideas for your girl! (and others)

Ok guys! I’m talking to the men out there who always gets out last minute and stress buys Xmas presents for their girl (or homies/ parents/ fam etc ) on Xmas eve!! Yea you!! You can thank me later 😝

So I travelled from Dubai to Sweden last week – and today I travel from Sweden to Norway (with a huge effing delay that I needed to spend a night in a hotel in Oslo , but thats another post for another time 😁) and I’ve checked out at least 3 airport tax frees – and with that I wanna share a few items I think is the perfect Xmas gifts. And hey, if you’re stuck and don’t know what to get, you can always come back to this list for ideas when you need it! So let’s go!

The things on my Christmas list ideas this year is a a follows :

The Hermes perfume is my signature “ good luck” perfume . Everytime I wear it something good happens . It’s a cute thing. Maybe it can bring some good luck for someone else , you better yet, they have their own “good luck” perfume! Then I suggest you get that 😁

And all the Valentino’s smell so good, and better yet, the bottle looks exclusive and really pretty. And the price is nice too 😁

For skincare (and everyone knows that we looove skincare… can never get enough of creams, toners and lotions ) my favorite absolute go-to in skincare is Clinique.

They have a range for every skin condition, and loads of different products for any condition and it’s one of the few skin care lines who actually manages to keep my skin in check. (But if your girl or friend uses another skincare line I suggest you ask first because it might not be that everyone loves Clinique 😁

The other Brand I’m obsessed with is L’Occitane , to be specific it’s their almond series… it smells so good. You just wanna move in to your bathroom and stay there… the shower oil and their lotions in the almond series are just wow! (They also have other series that are more to the citrus range if someone fancy that) they make good presents and is always appreciated 😌

Another tip I’m gonna give you it the line of “the ordinary” products. They do everything from serums, toners, pick me ups, moisturizers, toners, acid masks, and much much more. And the prices are unbeatable. You get a great product for an even better price. You can get them on Amazon and even at Sephora. And hey (the ordinary products are unisex and looks really nice in a men’s bathroom as well.

Just had to put the Hibiki there, did you know why those are so expensive now? Because the Japanese stopped producing (or rather , the barrels ran out … can’t produce it anymore the years has passed already 😂and it’s only a few left in the world.

A few years back you could get a bottle of that for a couple of hundered dollars.. people bought it, stacks . I have friends who has stacks of it now and today one bottle is worth around 24,000 dhs (in the UAE) just thought it was a fun fact to share. And let’s say you have a lot of money that you wanna put somewhere in a good bottle . This is the one .. you literally cannot get this Japanese whisky anywhere in the world anymore and if you can, then this is the price on today’s market. It’s insane … Might be better to try and charm a friend who already has a stack and see if you can get one from them if you’re lucky🤣 however –

on another note – this tequila bottle is also cute and funny, and good taste too! Makes a perfect gift for any tequila lover! And that being said , the strawberry Baileys is wow! My uncle came to visit in Dubai 2 years ago and he brought that strawberry baileys and wow. It was so yummy. The perfect gift for a Baileys lover too!

Other things on the list is gift cards at the local spa for a massage or similar, or just a gift card at their favorite shop, or cozy pajamas set for those winter evenings you just wanna snuggle. Better yet, get matching ones and take Xmas cards for your memories 😍

You could plan a trip, or plan to go to a concert, or some other fun events in your city for a nice date (maybe go climbing, or zip lining, dinner for two, or take out some fun rage at a smash room or better yet, go for an adventure at an escape room together.

There is also these cute little necklaces you can get at the local goldsmith shop, doesn’t have to be so expensive, but a cute little pendent on a simple necklace for the simple girl is maybe just perfect. Personally I love these.

My dad used to get me these for Xmas from time to time, and I cherish them forever. It’s like I have him and my mom with me everywhere I go and the memories from that Christmas is embedded in that necklace. trust me, us girls we think about those things. And we remember those moments. So those presents are super nice for a daughter, a mom, a sister, a girlfriend or just a lady fried or even a best friend. They last forever and carry loads of emotional value.

Another thing which is great and if you don’t wanna spend a lot of money, because we also know that this year has been tough on everyone, is to pick your favorite pics from your camera roll on your phone and have them printed and framed. (This is easy, just find you local photo store and email them your pics and explain to them in the email which picture you want in what size … have them print it , go there to pick them up and pick a frame , pay, wrap it and there you go 😌 (I use the Kodak shop on sheikh zayed road in Dubai for this but there are so many others around in each city )

I feel like people don’t do this anymore, I love giving away memories like that and immortalize moments that way. And I also love receiving framed photos of memories with my friends and loved ones.

This will never be a fail 🥰

So there you go! I could go on and on about the list, but now you have 22 days until Christmas from today! Make it happen and spread some love and some joy!

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