You beautiful You!

Can’t say it enough. I needed this. I needed to be home. Back to my roots. To winter, mountains, fjords, country side, snow, frost, family, oh! my hometown in December, you are beautiful!

It’s snowing as we speak and I’ve just had an amazing bath, I had a proper self care session with face mask, serums, foams of all kind, bubbles, moisturizer, skin cleanse, scrub, you name it! Yes! I feel fresh and re-charged!

Just wanted to say, that If you’re going through some really emotional things that seems hard to overcome it’s amazing to be surrounded with the people you love and the things that brings you peace. It’s nice to be centered and feet grounded. It’s nice to come home ❤️ even if your home is where you come from or if it’s with the people you love from family and friends that turned into family.

Know that You are always gonna be ok ❤️ life is amazing even in the ups and downs. We grow and we learn, we become stronger, It’s fascinating. Life is fascinating. Embrace it with every inch of you and do what brings you happiness and rays of sunshine. Don’t settle for less, and be kind ❤️ remember that.

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