Northern Norway calling!

It’s been almost 4 months now since I was home the last time, and it’s winter magic up here! You’d have to be here to really understand what I mean because none of the pics can justify the beauty of this place to the real eye. It was -19 degrees Celsius when I arrived this morning (after having a one day delay due to snowy weather in Oslo )

Tomorrow I’m also back working at the hospital for the time that I’m here and I’m so excited to see everyone again.

Started my day with my moms home made bread and my Norwegian favorite breakfast stuff.

The sun rise at 10 am here and it sets at 1:30pm … so you get a little loopy and twists the hours of the day real fast, but once you get used to it it’s just so beautiful. Everything is beautiful up here. It’s powder snow everywhere! I went with my dad to see the northern lights earlier this evening too but the sky was cloudy and it was perhaps too early in the evening, but I’m gonna keep trying and once I find it you’ll be sure I’m gonna smudge it all over my blog!

Winter wonderland .

I love the winters here. Once you’ve had a winter up here in the north, anything else doesn’t even come slightly close to it. And that’s a fact!

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