Mulled wine night and frosty phone

It was the mulled wine night. A lovely evening with all the neighbors we have out here. We made mulled wine and hot dogs for the kids. I think we spend a good 5-6 hours outdoors, and this day especially, it was -17c degrees.

It was also the day when we celebrated the sun turning around. so from here on out the days will only start getting brighter and brighter, vis you know up here we barely have any daylight in the winter. (About 2,5h a dah with daylight..not even sunlight.. daylight)

It was still cold. It you get used to it and you dress properly. How-ever. What is not used to this frosty weather was my phone … my old iPhone 11 Pro just decided to die on me. And it never recovered since.

Yesterday I was able to go into town with my mom and we got a new phone. My old phone was not even possible to save. It has seen its best days. Maybe I can change the screen on it when I get back to Dubai who knows. It it was very dramatic to be without a phone for that long especially when you’re waiting for an important phone call / emails. Nerve wrecking to say the least. I come to think of how addicted we are to our phones. It’s a small tiny device that keeps out whole life. Isn’t it weird to think about? My mom thinks I would never have survived without a phone. I almost think she is right.

My dad, me and my uncle

Anyhows, I’m back online and just as a little side note, if you can have a party in the freezing snow. Make sure you dress well and properly so you don’t get sick and 2, make sure your phone can handle the frost. 🙏🏼

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