Frozen breaks drama

There is no time spent in Norway without a little action!! You can mark my words when I say that nothing surprises me. All tho I didn’t see this one coming, by all means.. it happens more than you think.

I went to work in the afternoon and the weather was + degrees, nothing was frozen yet… and bäääm 8 hours later i Camera Out and I was just gonna drive home like I always do. I must have sat the hand break on and not think about it when I parked the car. Because when I started the car it must have broken off . No warning signal was on for the handbreak so obviously I didn’t see it. I drove for a while then all of a sudden the car just dragged and dragged and it was a explosion in the tyre and then the rims were dragging by the asphalt🙈🙈🙈 so had to call the local rescue truck . It was very dramatic for a broken tyre. But hey! It’s all Gucci now 😄

Thank you to these guys 🙏🏼

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