Dog mom life – it’s not that I can’t do it myself, I can. But it’s hard to resist these services, they come to your door with the doggy-spa- van. They get the job done. Nails cut most importantly…


Marley doesn’t allow me to cut his nails, he becomes aggressive and scared and he will bite. (He has severe trauma from when he was a puppy I guess) But when he is in the van getting pampered with a bath and new things to smell and strangers are giving him a bath I think he forgets about his nails because he allows them to cut them. So luckily for me I feel like it’s a win win… I get to have the service for cutting the nails which is most important to me😂 and on the “buy” I also get a proper grooming session with shampoo /blow dry and ear cleaning etc. and you know what, it’s so worth it and I’ll take that any day.

Petzania is experienced, they get the job done and their prices are reasonable compared to other home grooming services for pets.

They charged 180 AED for everything including tax. Compared to other companies who starts at 220-245 only for the shampooing … so I’ll support these guys any day !

You can book via WhatsApp here : +971 58 828 3227

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