Vida Hotel Creek Harbor

This is one of my favorite hotels, the only thing that was a minus on this room was that it was no bath tub, (😂) but the views, the breakfast, the ultra soft and cozy luxurious bed weighed it out. It was a great stay! And here’s the ultimate bonus for all the animal lovers! You can bring your pet! Yea the hotel is pet friendly! Let me specify, yes they allow you to bring your dog and stay there!

This is by far a big bonus. I love pet friendly hotels. They literally didn’t exist before! I’m almost proud to see that Dubai is allowing more and more pet friendly locations such as hotels, cafes and restaurants. A couple of years back you had to struggle to even find a dog park. So this made me so happy and it’s definitely worth these warm words!

Creek harbor is a newly developed area of Dubai. You can find it easily if you take the ras al khoor road towards dragon mart etc. it’s not that far from the city center and vida hotel is located in the fast growing beautiful marina of creek harbor. With a beautiful skyline of Dubai btw. So worth it. They have other vida hotels for their collection as well where one is located in Dubai downtown. I like these hotels.

Besides, the restaurants are cool, atmosphere is romantic and calm, serenity for the mind and a great breakfast! Nothing beats a good hotel breakfast these days ❤️

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