It’s the season again!

The weather is perfect! Not too hot, not too cold. Just perfect! And what better way to clear your head and start the new year with some horse loving – set your mind free- release the stress- let Shit go – zen- exercise ?! Right!?

It’s the best! I’m feeling like my absolute best when I am at the stables and I am riding. Not only does it give you a great workout but for me personally it’s holy ground. Holy time! It’s almost sacred.

I have never been much of a gym person. Gyms freak me out… and the people there. I get shy. I feel stupid and I definitely don’t belong in the gym, that is for sure. But I’m not getting any younger .. so …

this year I will pick up a class … something extra I can add to riding. Nothing extravagant, maybe yoga. Spinning or Pilates … just a class that is once a week .. I mean it doesn’t have to be extra. Just something to focus on/ look forward to. Maybe I’ll like it. And when the water gets a bit warmer I’m picking up paddle surfing in the mornings again.. I think for me . That’s enough. Then I’ll have roughly 3 activities pr week I’ll do that is only for me and my wellbeing… horses, a class of some kind , and paddling 3 – 4 times pr week every morning.. it’s enough.

I think it’s normal after Xmas and in the beginning of the year, we all start thinking about this or that. To change for the better … loose weight, and all the hysteria about what we eat and our lifestyle and what not. I’m not for that at all.

I need to be able to live my life the way I want and still enjoy everything I do. I refuse to become a slave of the norm of the people and what is expected of me to fit in as “normal” because that’s what everyone else is doing. Or the way of thinking that you’re a failure because you didn’t get the tasks you set in your head done in a day… or feeling guilty because you ate too much . I’m not gonna go to the gym if I feel uncomfortable, and I’m not gonna go on a diet because this or that… I need to listen to my inner voice and follow my intuition to be happy. Eat moderate, manage my tasks and Regardless if that is food, activities I do and people I hang out with. Whatever is good for my soul and we’ll being is what I’m gonna do❤️

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