The Private Clinic

The Private Clinic

I had the absolute pleasure to go and visit The Private Clinic and their amazing staff!

The clinic is located in the heart of Jumeirah and I was in for a treat!

Before the micro needling with dermapen you can relax with the numbing cream and you don’t feel any discomfort during treatment.

I’m gonna tell you all about the magical “million dollar facial” It consists of three parts. A very thoroughly dermaplaning (deep clean with a scalpel that removes dead skin cells ) a micro needling session with a vitamin infused cocktail to help reduce fine lines, scars and renews skin. And last, To finish it off, a luxurious gold 24k face mask to help hydrate and calm the skin after treatment.

Micro needling with dermapen (The Dermapen microneedling helps reduce fine lines and even out scars /acne scars plus it boosts your skin’s collagen and gives a beautiful glow)

It was a dream! It’s been so long since I’ve had a proper facial.

24 carat gold mask- just perfect

The after care and feels after this type of facial is that you will feel a burning sensation for a little while after, there will be some redness as well and it’s important that you don’t wear any make-up or get any sun exposure for the next coming day(s). But trust me, your skin feels so fabulous after this you’re not even gonna want to put makeup on after this.. at least for a day ☺️

This picture is taken directly after treatment and I was still red. It took about an hour for the skin to calm down after but it was so worth it 🙏🏼

What are you waiting for? The treatment is 760 AED. (Hang on! Keep reading) Don’t even wait to go do it, book your appointment now and the best part is that the private clinic has monthly offers and throughout February for 20% off this facial. Treat yourself!

Ps; the staff is super friendly, so welcoming. The best surprise was that my skin therapist was from Sweden and it was so nice to be able to speak in Swedish during my session. I can highly recommend this. (I think I didn’t stop talking😂, they make you feel right at home and they take so good care of you) their instagram handle is @ the.privateclinic.dxb and their number is +97143956400

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